Software Engineer (Front end leaning) at EstimateOne

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Posted 21 days ago

About us

EstimateOne is a team of 70 people (and growing) with a mission to better connect the commercial construction industry in Australia and abroad. We want to enable people to do more of the things that matter, and less of the things that don’t. With 12 years in the game, we're both a profitable and fast growing business.

We're the market leader in Australia & New Zealand and our vision is for our platform to become the industry standard. To do that we'll need to make sure we're unlocking value from what we've already built while also inventing new stuff. It's equal parts optimisation and innovation.

About the role

We’re on a growth journey, and we want you to help us shape that. This is an exciting role that will see you as a contributor to the platform's quality and usability; in a position to move the needle on customer satisfaction. We are looking for a front end leaning Software Engineer to join our team.

As a front end leaning Software Engineer you'll make a real, measurable difference to thousands of users by proactively addressing performance and reliability issues, as well as implementing usable, performant, and relevant features. You will contribute to technical decisions, our Agile way of working, Test Driven Development and Clean Code practices, and our ability to work collaboratively.

As a Software Engineer, you will measure your success by the outcomes that your team achieves, and not the amount of code you produce. We bring engineers into the conversation early and it's everyone's responsibility to think big-picture and be strategic. You'll work in a cross-functional team in close collaboration with designers and product experts and you’ll help to define the way we work.

All of our Engineers are T-Shaped across the front-end, backend and DevOps. For this role we are looking for someone who enjoys predominantly working in the front end, but who is happy to touch the backend and DevOps if/when required.

We're looking for smart people who are keen to collaborate - it's that simple. The ability to champion our values matters to us; we care about our team and you'll be joining a group of people who want each other to be happy and successful.

About the platform

All of our new front-end development is focused on building out React components in TypeScript to talk to our GraphQL API.

We’re about to start our journey to separate our PHP monolith application into microservices using something new, and from there, will be assessing what technologies we want to be using going forward. We have started doing some work with Node but will be assessing other things we could be using too.

For infrastructure, we are in AWS using things like Lambda, Fargate, S3, etc, which are controlled by Terraform, Ansible and Buildkite.

About You

We know that developers with all of these skills do not exist (in fact, we don’t even know how to do all of this stuff, but we want to), so hopefully, you can help us with some of that. In an ideal world you will:

  • Have strong experience with front end technologies including React & Typescript
  • Have some experience or interest with back-end languages such as Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, .Net orJava
  • Have some experience or interest with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and Devops
  • Write clean, testable code and encourage TDD
  • Encourage modern software development techniques including DDD, pair programming
  • Have experience working in an Agile environment
  • Want to understand the problems you are solving, not just the features you are building
  • Value the team progressing towards its goal more than individuals task progress


  • We are flexible about hours. You don't have to work full time, although we'd love it if you did.
  • You'll need to be a great communicator and a fluent English speaker.
  • You'll need to be legally eligible to work in Australia and be located in Melbourne.
  • Formal training/education is nice, but not a hard requirement (after all, one of our founders dropped out of university after six weeks...


We offer a number of benefits that aren't just limited to working with a great team.

We offer 5 days entrepreneurial leave, volunteer leave, flexible working & hours and we invest in your learning by providing each team member with $5k annually to spend on professional development.

We have an Engineering Growth Framework which explains exactly what is needed to progress as an Engineer at EstimateOne and includes both a leadership path and a technical path for those not as interested in people leadership. We have transparent salary tables and quarterly reviews on your Engineering level, followed by promotions where required.

If you're interested in joining our team we encourage you to learn more about what it's like to work with us by reading our employee handbook: