Senior Engineer - Ruby (Identity) at Envato

Melbourne / Australia & New Zealand melbourne engineering
Posted 1 months ago

Impact to our community

We're continuing to grow our team and we're looking for engineers who would love the opportunity to work at Australia's premier Ruby development company. We work in small cross functional teams with a variety of skills and experience so, whether you're a passionate Ruby newbie or you've worked at our scale before, we'd love to hear from you.

The Identity Team provides people access to the Envato ecosystem and securely manages their personal information. On a day to day basis you will find yourself:

  • This includes fulfilling regulatory requirements for the storage and handling of this information.

Providing a centralised and consistent view of people's data to the Envato ecosystem.

  • This includes other Envato engineers who need to integrate with our services.
  • This includes other Envato staff who need to query sensitive customer data.
  • This includes enabling integrations of Envato services with other third party services

Our expectations:

  • Have commercial Ruby on Rails experience
  • Have solid TDD/BDD experience
  • Have experience of other high volume/scale web apps
  • Past experience in other agile environments
  • Excellent Linux knowledge
  • An understanding of the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks
  • Take responsibility for your work as most teams don't have analysts, testers or system administrators