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Publishing & Editorial, Sydney sydney marketing
Posted 22 days ago

About the role and team:

The ‘Publishing Support’ team has a wide range of technical skills to support the operational areas of content generation, improvement and management; Data compliance  and maintenance; Conversion rate optimisation and monetisation; SEO and Content marketing; and team leadership. Your work will always differ from day-to-day, but your prime responsibility is to drive niche operations to completion and to support building an audience and following to finder and it’s websites.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate and report to the Publisher. Work with the Publisher, Content Producer or Publishing Support Lead to execute content strategy that fits and works harmoniously with the overall Finder content strategy. Tasks can include data research and data entry.
  • Performance manage a team of a distributed crew of Publishing Support. Manage and develop a team of Publishing Support to ensure capability building.
  • Performance reviews. Run performance reviews for team members instilling the finder values and competency requirements through each year. Encourage engagement and long-term career development.
  • Maintaining our product database compliance. Working on our database to ensure that all products (i.e. deals, shopping products) are correct in all aspects, and that the (local) markets are accurately reflected within it, proactively and reactively.
  • Peer reviewing offer updates. Working with other in-house and distributed crew members to execute product updates and ensure our website is compliant with factual information.
  • Checking pages on our site and client’s sites. Ensuring offers are correct and up-to-date and identifying any potential errors we or our clients may be displaying.
  • Updating product-related content on our website. Updating existing product pages, and writing and editing product descriptions to reflect changes to the product.
  • Collaborate with Publishing & Editorial team. Work with Publishers and Editorial Team to gain/share insights on how to grow (assigned) verticals at finder.
  • Content management. Work with the content editorial tone, provide and ensure correct and detailed product information, updating and amending existing content, driving new ideas and overseeing publishing quality.
  • Improve content quality. Editing of existing content to a consistent standard. Cross-check facts, spelling, grammar, writing style, page design and media usage. Modify and improve any writing that doesn’t meet the finder standard through effective feedback and training
  • Content formatting and layout design. Manage the formatting and design articles to optimise for readability and conversion rate optimisation. 
  • Creative design input. Provide feedback and input into website design.

Desired experience and skills:

  • Ability to swiftly learn the ropes and begin executing on the team strategy.
  • Good negotiation and interpersonal skills.
  • A team-player who is interested in personal and staff development.
  • Opinionated - with the data to back it up!
  • A self-starter who works independently to gain knowledge and autonomy within the organisation.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication. Can confidently sub-edit their own and others’ work.
  • CMS experience, especially Wordpress. 

Nice to have:

  • HTML and coding skills.
  • Awareness of financial products and services.
  • Experience leading or mentoring small teams.

Role Suitable for:

  • Individual with 1-2 years experience in a similar or graduate role looking to build upon their skills and knowledge set in a growing company.
  • Testing and Experiments. Run regular split tests/multivariate tests to determine the best copy, content layouts and configuration to achieve content objectives.
  • Advanced Research. Extensive research methods to ensure holistic & comprehensive content is produced that is unique & compelling and provides genuine value to our users.
  • Advanced On-Page SEO. Understanding of the latest search engine ranking factors to ensure our content has the best possibility visibility within search engine results pages.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation. maximise the strategic yield of products and pages of finder niches. Immersing in activities to continuously grow year revenue and scopes of opportunities.
  • Customer service. Establishing a customer first approach to daily activities.
  • Team leadership. empowering team members direct or cross-functionally to resolve difficult tasks or situations.