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What is a Product Marketing Director at Whispir?

The Product Marketing director at Whispir is responsible for managing the capability and career development of the team and executing against our 3 core promises for the function. The goal of product marketing is to increase feature adoption with our customers, bring our products to market with partners and the public, and ensure our customers and staff understand the offerings. As the product marketing director, your job will be to set the strategy and execute against those objectives.

You will also act as the community of practice leader for product marketing, meaning you’ll build up procedures that make the business more effective and improve over time.

Skills you’ll need

  • Be able to develop a product marketing strategy, communicate it to the business and drive its execution.

  • Develop a product marketing story, measure its reach and its effectiveness with customers.

  • Understand the development of personas.

  • Understand how bounce rates reflect the comprehension of your product marketing communications.

  • Develop product positioning.

  • Know how to measure and report on the impact of your work.

  • Develop sales enablement procedures and be able to measure their effectiveness.

  • Develop partnership enablement procedures and be able to measure their effectiveness.

  • Develop and manage content assets and understand their effectiveness.

  • Product research skills.

  • Ability to develop product launch plans.

Leadership skills

  • You’ll know how to develop the careers of other staff members through coaching.

  • You’ll be familiar with performance management

  • You’ll understand how to effectively set and measure goals for the function and individuals.

  • You will be familiar with the 5 functions of management.

  • Conflict resolution

  • Extreme ownership.

  • How to effectively delegate authority.

Traits we look for

  • Business Focused

  • Sharing information

  • Authentic

  • Empowering

  • Driving innovation

What does success look like?

  • Meet the product & technology OKRs

  • Continuous improvement in the product marketing space.

  • Increase in product adoption by partners.

  • Increase in product understanding from sales and pre-sales teams.

  • Increase in product adoption by customers.

  • Increase activation rates of trial users.

  • Staff engagement

  • Individual performance increases.

What your day-to-day may look like

20% - Communicating and executing the product marketing strategy with the business.

20% - Hands-on coaching with the team on tactical work.

20% - Sales enablement

20% - Partner enablement

20% - Developing communities of practice within product marketing