Compostologist at Great Wrap

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Posted 13 days ago

About Great Wrap

Great Wrap is on a mission to reinvent today’s materials to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Sounds pretty great right? We think so too.

If you’ve ever wanted to shape an entire industry or work with a team doing something truly good for the planet then read on. Great Wrap is the fastest growing manufacturer of compostable packaging in the world right now and we are currently developing new technologies to change the way we do things, which will continue to revolutionise the industry.

Do you love connecting with people and using science to make the world a better place?

If so then please apply!

About The Role

Being the Compostologist now will be very different to next year and the year after that. Priority number one is to collaborate with the team to create a plan in which every piece of Great Wrap is composted once used. You will be responsible for taking 15,000 tonnes of plastic out of landfill every year and giving these products another life to add value to the natural world.

We are doing something that truly is making the planet a better place and we want our team to be excited and proud of the journey we are on. Currently our team feels happy, motivated and challenged. You will be the exemplar of this culture.



  • The Compostologist will design and implement systems to create a truly circular economy for Great Wrap’s commercial users
  • Work with the Australian Organics Recycling Association to find nationwide composting partners
  • Design and implement a Great Wrap business user composting system
  • Partner with commercial composting facilities around to Australia to ensure that all Great Wrap products received will be composted
  • Collaborate with the Great Wrap Supply Chain, Digital Product and Sales team to connect all businesses with a local organic recycling facility
  • Build and manage our composting and logistic partners
  • Strategise on streamlining processes to create a scalable and global minded system
  • Work with the innovation team and engage partners to generate organic recycling systems for new products
  • Report directly to the founders to implement the company vision

About You

  • You have a Science degree related to Biology
  • You’ve been a Business Development Manager or Sales Representative for 2+ years before
  • You are able to communicate complex theories in an easy to digest manner
  • You love connecting with people through conversations about the environment
  • You want your job to make the world a better place
  • People skills come naturally to you and you love making the most of that


One of the greatest things about this role is you get to change the world. You are in charge of removing millions of kilograms of plastic waste from the environment every year! Being that you are responsible for this, then we want you to have ownership of the company too. In this role you will receive a percentage of the company or ESOP.