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Asia Pacific Growth Management

An independent management consultancy focused on helping companies grow

Asia Pacific Growth Management (APGM) is an independent consulting firm that focuses on helping companies grow. Companies achieve revenue, corporate and value growth through various operational and strategic methodologies, including building the firm’s capabilities, expanding into multiple markets and applying a strategic approach to diversification of products and geographies. We assist companies of all sizes to choose an approach that best aligns with their business goals, and then to implement that approach. Many companies, whether experiencing significant growth or trying to meet current revenue targets, focus purely on managing their existing business, and thus miss opportunities to align existing assets, expand into new territories or review opportunities to increase profitability from existing operations. Our expertise can help you choose the best options to maximize return from existing and potential opportunities while considering the need to optimize constrained resources. 
 Other companies face sterner challenges around their core business and, whether through maturity or market forces, ongoing decline at a revenue or margin level. APGM assists a firm’s management to assess their options for expanding into adjacent or vertical markets, and for moving into new geographical markets. Working with major clients across predominately TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications) industries, APGM works across the wider Asia Pacific region. APGM Investments is a wholly owned subsidiary of APGM. It invests in businesses and works with founders to achieve accelerated growth with a focus on digital platforms. Investments have included SocietyOne, Stackla, Commercialise TV and China Search International


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