Our purpose is to develop people and build great businesses.

PieLAB Venture Partners are an industry specific venture capital fund (ESVCLP). The Real Estate Industry Venture Capital Fund 2016 (REIVCF16), invests in businesses that service the real estate industry taking advantage of Chris’ reputation and networks as a leading figure in the Australian Real Estate Industry. Our Investors are high net worth individuals, family offices as well as 40 + of the largest real estate groups in Australia. When assisting businesses in our portfolio with growth strategies, the missing piece of the puzzle isn’t always cash. Founders can leverage from PieLAB's entrepreneurial track-record and unsurpassed networks in the Australian Real Estate Industry. How we work: We work alongside our founders. We are not a takeover firm, nor are we an incubator. We’ve got skillsets such as marketing, strategy, finance, HR and management that we can bring to the table to help grow your pie. We've also got the single best network in the Australian Real Estate Industry, including our investor base who own 40 + of the largest real estate businesses in Australia. If there is a person or business in the Australian Real Estate Industry you want to get in front of, we can organize it, usually with one phone call. Collaboratively we’ve applied formulas that work to build strong foundations, great teams and high growth businesses that convert to become high value businesses. Let us support you to realise YOUR vision. see less




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