Senior DevOps Engineer at Particular Audience

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Posted 1 years ago

About this role

You will be our go-to person for managing our cloud environments & subscriptions along with working with engineering & product owner peers to build & maintain automated build and deployment pipelines. You’ll take care to utilise infrastructure-as-code methods to ensure we can reliably upgrade, operate, or even recover our cloud environments if we needed to.

We want an interested DevOps engineering team members to be willing to shape our cloud-based infrastructure as well as be able to build a firm grasp & fascination with our web application services, cloud database systems, message bus technologies, big data pipelines, machine learning / AI systems (e.g. for collaborative filtering, NLP, and computer vision) and many other supporting systems.

We work with a variety of technologies, services, programming languages, and team capabilities. Some of those are below, some are missing, and some are just there as examples. At Particular Audience, you won’t be bored and you’ll always be learning something new. This means we are looking for an energetic problem solver who isn't afraid of tackling tasks outside of their comfort zone, a self-starter who is willing to learn new technologies and is excited by the prospect of automating web & AI systems. We want people ready to grow with us and shape that growth!

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Operation & Management of our cloud-based environments
  • Working closely with the Engineering and Product teams to assist in implementing solutions and solving problems
  • Be the subject matter expert with respect to our AWS environment
  • Implementation of continuous build & deployment pipelines for both application and infrastructure assets
  • Be a go-to person for maintaining & deploying infrastructure-as-code assets
  • Develop improved instrumentation and monitoring with our platforms to enable better issue identification & resolution
  • Management of development tools such as source control, CI/CD platforms, IDE licensing, & other local development environment tool subscriptions
  • Manage operations for cloud database storage platforms (both RDBMS & no-SQL)
  • Stewardship & improvements of the policies & procedures to ensure information security when operating in the cloud
  • Provide advice to improve our systems architecture with cloud capability, operations, & costs in mind
  • Cloud expenditure tracking & management including proposing cost reduction initiatives
  • Managing, monitoring, and fulfilling access management requests to our systems & services
  • Required Skills:

  • Strong experience working with a cloud platform (Azure, GCP, or AWS), where AWS is preferred but not essential
  • Deep understanding of fundamentals of infrastructure (Windows & Linux), networking (DNS, TCP/IP, etc), and automation
  • Experience & knowledge of working in agile software development teams using concepts based on Scrum
  • Familiarity with high availability web applications & micro-service architectures and hosting platforms e.g. Kubernetes, IIS, etc.
  • Familiarity with common web application infrastructure components such as CDNs, internet gateways, routing, and firewalls
  • Understanding of web application fundamentals such as client vs server-side technologies, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Great communication skills with a flexible & adaptable approach to designing solutions and sharing ideas
  • Strong understanding of:
  • Code repository management with Git
  • CI/CD pipeline development e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, etc.
  • Containerisation technologies e.g. Docker
  • Automation using scripting (or other) technologies e.g. bash, shell, PowerShell
  • Deployments using infrastructure-as-code e.g. CloudFormation, Terraform, ARM templates, etc.
  • Virtual machine management in a cloud environment e.g. EC2, Azure VM, etc.
  • Deployment to container orchestration platforms e.g. Kubernetes, ECS Fargate, etc.
  • Desired Skills:

  • 3+ years relevant industry experience
  • University or higher education qualification is desirable majoring in area such as IT / technology, software development, software engineering, or computer science
  • Experience with AWS strongly preferred
  • Experience administering and managing databases that are relational, no-SQL, or static storage based e.g. MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, etc.
  • Knowledge of event messaging / service bus systems e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Redis Pub/Sub, etc.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft .NET / dotnet core development stack
  • Experience with Kubernetes deployment tools
  • Knowledge about big data platforms e.g. Data Bricks, Spark, Snowflake, GCP, etc
  • Experience implementing and managing instrumentation systems for logging or monitoring e.g. Cloudwatch, ELK, Application Insights, Prometheus, etc.
  • Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working environment
  • Loads of support and training