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Posted 3 months ago

Engineering @ Xero

We're hiring for multiple positions across Xero, with a focus on two key areas: Xero Product, where you will work to continuously improve the features of Xero software; Xero Platform, where you'll build and maintain critical applications and services consumed by teams throughout Xero globally.

We believe that a solid technical foundation and strong growth mindset are the keys to success in Software Engineering. You won’t find a long list of must-have tech requirements below!
While you don’t have to have worked with our tech stack previously, what is important is that you have relevant experience that will help you get started quickly, and you are happy to learn as you go.

Generally, if a team is creating a new code base, it may look like the following:
 • A microservice, written in C# on .NET
 • Utilising a variety of AWS services
 • Running in a Docker container, orchestrated by Kubernetes
 • Accessed by SPA written in React with TypeScript
 • Deployed with an automated CI/CD pipeline
 • Monitored by industry leading monitoring, alerting, tracing, and logging tools

What we look for in a Xero Engineer: 
 • Self-awareness and growth mindset
 • Openness to learning from failure
 • Honesty, transparency and encouraging of feedback
 • Teamwork, collaboration and mentorship
 • Customer and product focus
 • Commitment to supporting an inclusive culture and upholding Xero’s values

Life @ Xero

As an engineer at Xero, you’ll be joining us on our mission to be one of the most sustainably excellent software engineering companies in the world! You’ll have exposure to a variety of complex challenges at a global scale, whether it’s linking payments to different global markets, working on our world-renowned third party ecosystem or delivering solutions to small businesses around the world. 

At Xero you will...

  • Join an inclusive cross-functional team and collaborate with Product, Design and Engineering.
  • Use the latest engineering and software delivery practices, at scale.
  • Support your growth with various training and development resources, including the opportunity to become AWS certified.
  • Get involved with the Xero Mentorship Program, our many communities of practice and Employee Resource Groups such as Rainbow X, Parents @ Xero, Neurodiversity @ Xero and many more.