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Company background 🏡

At OwnHome, we’re on a mission to help aspiring homeowners overcome the most significant barrier to homeownership: the deposit gap. While many hardworking Aussies can repay their monthly mortgages, many find that the 20% deposit needed to access a mortgage keeps growing… faster than they can save. Homeowners typically retire with 20x the wealth of renters, making declining homeownership rates one of the greatest social challenges of our generation. Meanwhile, two-thirds of First Home Buyers receive direct support from ‘The Bank of Mum & Dad’. For those without this help, the road to homeownership is almost $100,00 more expensive and takes almost twice as long. You may think this is unfair (and you’d be right). 

We’re starting by pioneering new ways for families to get onto the property ladder, reducing the upfront costs of homeownership by 20x. And we’re closing the deposit gap, using our award-winning service that helps homeowners find, value and pay for their home so that they can stop paying someone else’s mortgage and start building their financial future. The past 12 months have been huge at OwnHome. Amidst everything else, we grew our team from 4 to 13 (+15 brilliant freelancers) across Australia; we grew from 0 to 12B+ worth of applications; and helped families experience thousands of days in their dream home as an owner. To cap it all off, we successfully raised tens of millions in debt investment (for purchasing homes). We completed our $31m Series A capital raise in Feb 2022 with the backing of CBA X15 Ventures, Square Peg (one of Australia’s most successful VC funds) and a long list of other prominent investors and partners.

Team Values 💡

Also known ask: how to shine at OwnHome

  • High humility - we’re open-minded and self-aware

  • Owner - we’re always searching for opportunities and practise execution

  • Constantly growing - we’re all a student of our craft and chart a steep learning curve

  • Sweat the inputs - we believe in rigorous thinking and a systematic approach

  • Blow minds - we love to go above and beyond

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If OwnHome’s mission speaks to your soul and you want to build your career alongside our brilliant team, we’d love to know more about you. Send us your linkedin/resume and let us know what kind of role you’d excel in. If one comes up (or we decide to create one for you), we’ll let you know.

Thanks, James & Tim

OwnHome Co-founders