Machine Learning and Geo-analytics (Senior) at Nomad Atomics

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Melbourne, Australia


Nomad Atomics is on a mission to make the broad uptake of quantum sensing a reality and simultaneously push the limits of our field beyond what we think is possible. We are building the world’s most advanced fit-for-purpose quantum sensors to allow us to see the world like never before.

Our team is made up of leaders in the quantum sensing field. We believe the time for commercial quantum sensing has come, and we are determined with making it happen.

We are growing here at Nomad Atomics – FAST. We are searching for people who want to finally take the commercial sensing game into the modern era of technology.

Who you are

You are a voracious learner, a problem solver, and a doer. You are fascinated by emerging technologies and excited help build a company with ground-breaking ideas.

You are excited to operate at the forefront of technology development and be the first in the world to demonstrate the true capability of these world leading sensors.

You have an innate attention to detail and enjoy the challenge of modelling real-world systems. If you’re anything like us, you love a challenge and use your skills and creativity to solve anything that comes your way.

Your role

Working hand in hand with the Nomad geophysics team and founders, you’ll help to build Nomad’s geophysical modelling capabilities. This is an exceptionally hands-on role requiring a broad skill set, including software development for field data analysis, forward propagation modelling, noise characterisation and data presentation. You will be deeply embedded in our technology development to demonstrate the real-world possibilities of Nomad’s unique sensors.

The role requires a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, capable of independent work while also engaged with a multidisciplinary team to provide the best outcomes. You will be responsible for end-to-end geophysical modelling development and will be engaged daily in tasks like:

·         working with a team of subject matter experts to build forward propagated models of real-world underground systems

·         implementing best-practice and novel techniques for potential field inversion

·         designing and utilising state-of-the-art algorithms for detection and identification of underground anomalies from potential fields

·         analysing and interpreting simulation outputs, including statistical assessments

·         helping to develop a new generation of applications for Nomad’s unique sensor technology

·         building real-world potential field models to test utility of our unique technology in new applications

·         working with technology and deployment experts to develop highly efficient surveying techniques.


Your Skills:

It’s not about specifically where you have come from nor what qualifications you have. What truly matters is that you are an impossibly fast learner. People with competitive applications could have skills and experience such as: 

·         expertise and experience developing, testing and deploying numerical software in Python or other high-level programming languages (required)

·         masters or PhD in geophysics, mathematical modelling, or related field

·         a strong background in computational methods for data processing and modelling, such as simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, or potential field inversion techniques

·         experience working with noisy and complex datasets

·         experience in developing, optimising and validating machine learning techniques

·         a strong background in statistics and statistical analysis including Bayesian methods

·         demonstrated ability to effectively communicate complex ideas and problem solve within fast-paced team environments

·         a history of thriving in diverse environments that value honesty, open communications, and strong bonds between team members.

If you think you’re right for the role, but don’t have some of these skills, reach out – we’d love to talk anyway.


The nuts and bolts:

The role is full-time and based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have the flexibility to work from home from time to time, but the in-person interaction with our tech and geophysical teams will be critical.

We offer a competitive salary, employee share option package and opportunities for professional growth and advancement.