Iteration Manager at Versent

Delivery, Full Time, Perth, AU perth full-time
Posted 1 months ago

Versent is an Australian-born technology company, focused on architecting, building & operating cloud native applications, data streams, platforms and services. Our solutions are centred around AWS and best of breed technology. From a stand-still start in 2014, we've grown to over 380 family members both locally and internationally. With a diversified offering in professional services, managed services and product, we are poised for significant growth in 2021.

The Iteration Manager (IM) focuses on the internal Versent team to effectively deliver a scrum or agile delivery at scale to a client or clients. The IM fulfils this role by working with the internal and external stakeholders and ensuring the team has clear priorities, implements all Agile ceremonies whilst maturing in its principles and practices and ultimately delivers on the agreed scope of works.

Acting as the SME of Agile, the IM coaches the team/s in agile, facilitates the set-up of the ways of working, leads by example and imparts knowledge to the team to support them to be self-sustaining in Agile principles and practices. Ultimately, the IM owns the rituals of the team and the plan to achieve the team’s outcomes. This role is responsible for the output of the team. The IM is not the Manager of the team but rather a facilitator of team health and the custodian of team morale.

Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as an Iteration Manager / Agile Coach / Scrum Master
  • Facilitating and guiding organisational cloud agility
  • Work alongside the Project Manager and project team throughout iterations and complete project delivery
  • Ensure the project team is working harmoniously by advocating transparency and promoting collaboration
  • Organise and facilitate the daily scrum and key rituals while supporting, coaching and shielding
  • Experience working in a client facing environment leading agile project teams at the client site
  • Adapts to changing circumstances, dealing with ambiguity and adapting self to different people or situations; ability to 'think on your feet'
  • Make prompt, clear decisions taking responsibility for actions, people and projects - initiating and leading activity
  • Communication skills; Excellent written, oral and presentational skills
  • Facilitates the smooth running of the iteration and collaboration within and outside the team
  • Helps the delivery team tackle issues or escalates issues
  • Capacity planning to be competed in consultation with the team to ensure capacity is available to meet the agreed deadlines. IM and HOD must work collaboratively and closely to balance delivery health with personal/team requirements. HOD and client feedback.  
  • Ensures that the following commonly used Agile ceremonies are booked, organised, occur and are facilitated well: Daily standup, backlog grooming, story kickoffs, retrospectives, showcases and sprint planning
  • Facilitates the team to define and agree the Ways of Working at the start of projects and continuously review and improve during the life cycle.
  • The IM must be able to write a user story and coach others to contribute to the agreed level to start with sufficient detail added to adequately reflect the SOW.
  • Have an understanding of XP practice, frameworks and associated tooling that support TDD, BDD, DevOps, CICD and Lean thinking.

    At the core of what we do, we're an engineering company. We value our people more than commercials and put culture at the centre of everything. Some of the things we do to bring the team together are monthly social events, regular lunch time tech-talks and both family and Versent Christmas parties.
    We embrace the notion of Family at Versent, working together to achieve outstanding success. We have monthly social events to bring everyone together, often supporting charity initiatives such as TourXOz and RUOK Day. We're supportive of bringing both kids and dogs into the office (which makes it a bit more lively!) and have a flexible work environment.
    People: We believe in a positive team with family spirit, because life is too short for anything else.
    Customer: We create remarkable experiences for customers and treat them as we wish to be treated.
    Quality: Be Artisans who care for their craft and lead change through continuous improvement.
    Reliability: Do what we say we will do when we say we will do it, every time.
    Transparency: Full disclosure, integrity and honesty in all things.
    Reciprocate: Give back and assist as much as possible, whenever possible.