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99designs is the global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs they love. From clients who need custom design, to designers who want quality projects, people around the world rely on the tried-and-true 99designs creative process to get great design online. Since 2008, 99designs has grown from a small, online forum into a global community of designers that is now the go-to solution for businesses, agencies and individuals. Partners are now also tapping into 99designs’ API technology, community, and marketplace management expertise to solve their own customers’ creative bottlenecks. Companies like Squarespace have leveraged existing 99designs infrastructure to launch a creative ecosystem around their core product, matching customers with relevant experts exactly when they need them.

Mid Level Software Engineer | Developer Tooling
Full Time, DevOps
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 2 days ago
Digital Learning Lead
Full Time, People Operations
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 9 days ago
Senior/Product Designer
Full Time, Design
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 13 days ago
Lead Data Analyst and Data Analyst Opportunities
Full Time, Analytics
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 13 days ago
Data Scientist
Full Time, Development
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 13 days ago
Design Manager - Exploration
Full Time, Design
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted a month ago
Product Manager
Full Time, Product
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 2 months ago
Support Operations Manager
Full Time, Community
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 2 months ago
Organisational Development Partner
Full Time, People Operations
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 2 months ago
Head of Community Support
Full Time, Community
AU - Melbourne, Victoria
Posted 3 months ago
Ep085 - Patrick Llewellyn (CEO - 99 Designs) on planning and focus

E26 - Partick Llewellyn, 99Designs

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