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Aussie telco here to make the lives of our customers #amazinglysimple

At amaysim, we're striving to change the way Australians think about mobiles - forever. We're committed to bringing you simple, fair, low-cost mobile services. At the same time, we're not going to skimp where it counts. We listen to our customers and have developed an outstanding Australian call centre, with a team that is determined to put the focus back where it belongs: on the customer. So who are we and why are we here? amaysim was introduced to Australia in November 2010 by a group of successful entrepreneurs with a proven international track record in Australia, Europe, the United States, South America and Asia. The founders are Australian telecommunications investor and advisor, Peter O'Connell (Chairman) and German e-commerce and telecommunication entrepreneurs Rolf Hansen (Chief Executive Officer), Christian Magel (Chief Marketing Officer), Thomas Enge (Chief Financial Officer) and Andreas Perreiter (Chief Operating Officer). amaysim's European Founders previously launched a similar business, simyo, a mobile company that grew quickly to become a market leader in its category in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Now we've taken this experience and combined it with our Australian partners expert knowledge of the Australian mobile market, to build a new company that brings simplicity and purity to Australian mobile customers. In building this company, we're committed to delivering a ground-breaking mobile service that offers rates and a new standard of customer service that all Australians will enjoy.


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Taken on 2017-12