Customer feedback software that helps businesses improve customer experience and accelerate growth using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework

Collecting feedback and measuring NPS isn’t hard, but making the score go up is. To win, you need your entire team focused on doing the right thing for every customer, every day. It’s a culture problem, and driving culture isn't easy. But that’s what AskNicely does better than any other customer feedback solution. We help businesses accelerate growth by understanding customers in real-time, and translating that insight into legendary experiences that earn customers for life. The #1 Rated Enterprise Feedback Management Platform - G2Crowd Collect Customer Feedback * Automatically trigger NPS surveys after any event or schedule in Salesforce * Send surveys in any language on any channel (email, web, SMS) * Store full survey response and follow up history against the Salesforce contact record * Send from your own email domain Empower Your Front-Line Teams * Comprehensive NPS dashboard inside Salesforce * AskNicely mobile app (iOS & Android) and TV dashboard * Filter and segment NPS results against any attribute - contact, account, account manager, region, customer segment etc. * Rank NPS results with leaderboards * Analyze comment themes with text analytics * Role-based views and permissions * Team collaboration tools to escalate and manage responses * Integrate AskNicely with dozens of other platforms like Slack, Marketing Cloud, Intercom & Zendesk Action Feedback to Drive Growth * Trigger sales, support or customer service workflows based on feedback * Convert feedback into reviews that boost your Google rating * Automatically generate cases for your support team to address at-risk clients * Publish testimonials


Blackbird Ventures

Taken on 2020-04
Auckland, New Zealand
#marketing automation