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Encompassing People and Buildings

FMA 2019 FM Industry Award for Industry Innovation award winner Blue IoT are the global leader in data and information driven IoT building, energy and environmental management automation. We deliver end to end integrated data and technology driven services around real time optimisation, predictive maintenance and machine learning that maximises our clients’ operational effectiveness and efficiencies across all building, precinct, asset, facility, infrastructure and smart city sectors. The use cases are in and the numbers based on empirical evidence speak for themselves. The first case study reveals after 4 months after rectification works, a 47% reduction in HVAC kWHr, while the latest case study after the first month of October reveals a 72.5% reduction in HVAC kWHr (45% off the utility bill) and both 20 year old system that have NOT been replaced. The bottom line is that upfront capital cost is reduced by at least half, implementation time is reduced by 50 to 75%, and the payback ranges from 1.5 to 3 years. And water and maintenance savings will reduce this even further. Encompass Blue (the award winning vBMS) is like a mutli-dimentional platform that delivers building automation wirelessly and securely with ongoing data interpretation by domain experts that continually delivers returns to the triple bottom line.

Software Engineer
Posted 1 months ago
Taken on 2020-12