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Before Canva, creating a professional looking design was a complex process - you had to purchase expensive software; learn how to use it; purchase stock photography and fonts for the software; decide on a layout; slice images; receive photos and content via email; design something; upload and email the pdf only to find revisions needed to be made … and then finally be able to prepare your design for web or print. Since launching in August 2013, Canva has been changing the way in which we communicate. Today our design tool has attracted over 15 million happy users across 190 countries, who have collectively created more than 1 billion designs. With an integrated marketplace that has both free and paid stock photography, fonts, illustrations, and thousands of templates; a paid subscription that offers the ability to set up a brand kit so users can save their brand colours, fonts and assets, and ensure consistency across their designs; and a print service that gives our users the ability to produce professional prints in a variety of formats and sizes, delivered straight to their doorstep - Canva is disrupting the way we design.


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