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Concourse Technologies

Concourse Technologies creates innovative mobile solutions that keeps people moving toward what they love.

Golf is one of the most satisfying and most challenging sports on the planet. You spend a lot of your time and money, trying to get the most out of it in the cracks of your busy life. So when you do get the time to play a round of Golf, we want to make sure that you enjoy your Golf game. Proudly Australian owned, Concourse Golf specialises in designing and manufacturing Golf equipment to help you enjoy the game more. Our Internationally recognised & award winning Smart Wheels, along with our award winning Golf Buggies/Carts and Golf Bags, are more compact, more convenient and are more capable than ever before. They help eliminate fatigue and distractions on the course, so you only have to focus on the scorecard and your next shot, rather than your equipment. Our excitement looms as we are on the brink of international expansion across the globe, bringing forward many exciting opportunities. We are also looking forward to being a part of your game and maybe even your career!

Taken on 2021-01