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Envision Systems

Enabling transport authorities to better manage traffic flows and congestion, by developing advanced wireless AI sensors that provide real-time data.

Founded in 2019 by Kanav Batra, Envision Systems aims to address this gap in data by developing advanced wireless sensors that have the power AI embedded in them. Kanav has been involved in the transport and telecommunications industry for the past 4 years in delivering engineering projects. Through this, Kanav gained a deep understanding of the industry and the importance of real-time data in solving some of the major challenges faced by cities globally. According to the UN, by 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas – up from 55% today. The impact of this on transport networks across the world will be exponential but currently, governments across the world do not know how many cars are on the roads and how many people are on trains, trams and buses across the city in real-time. This is a major data gap globally, and this impacts not only traffic congestion but also other domains such as public health and safety. In mid-2019, Envision Systems was selected in the CivVic Labs Accelerator program to work with the Victorian Department of Transport to test its solution in understanding Public Transport utilisation. After the accelerator, the Victorian DoT and Envision Systems signed a contract to further the use of the technology. Since 2019, Envision Systems has gone from an idea, to product, to a sale with a government customer. The team has grown to 4 members and the company is now actively working with cities across the world, in developing solutions for understanding city utilisation in real-time, from both a transport and public health perspective.

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