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Equiem is the global leader in commercial tenant experience technology. The firm works with leading property owners and managers in the global real estate industry to breathe life into their buildings, by transforming them from mere brick & mortar structures into vibrant, connected and engaged communities with services and experiences that enrich occupants’ lives. Equiem’s market-leading app, used by 170,000 people across 60 million sq ft (5.5 million square metres) of commercial real estate worldwide, helps landlords attract and retain occupiers, deliver seamless tenant communication, supercharge onsite retail and services, and unlock additional asset value across their portfolios. With comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboards, Equiem’s app also offers the most advanced tenant analytics in the market, providing clients with rich, actionable intelligence that drives smarter, more effective tenant engagement. Founded in 2011, Equiem has offices in Australia, the USA, the UK and The Philippines. Clients include the likes of Dexus, Lendlease, Knight Frank, Nuveen, and Brookfield


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