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Taken on 2020-10
Blog Posts
8th February, 2021
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: It’s time for ovary-action

February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in Australia, and 2021 marks its 20th anniversary, an imp...

10th December, 2020
Eugene is awarded Victorian government’s Boosting Female Founders grant

We’re thrilled to announce that Eugene has been awarded the Boosting Female Founders grant. We were ...

7th October, 2020
This October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Know Your Genes: Know Your Risk

Breast cancer is common – 1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. We all know s...

31st March, 2020
A change in pricing for Eugene Carrier Screening

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we are mindful about the massive impact it has had on everyone an...

24th March, 2020
An update on coronavirus — from all of us at Eugene

As the COVID-19 situation affects people everywhere, Eugene is committed to making sure that our cus...

4th April, 2019
Life insurance and genetic testing: An important 2019 update

The relationship between genetic testing and accessibility to life insurance has always been rocky. ...

3rd April, 2019
Getting the most out of your genetic counselling appointment

So you’re about to have a call with a Eugene genetic counsellor before having a carrier test, and ar...

28th February, 2019
10 questions to ask before doing a carrier screen

Thinking of doing a preconception carrier test? We’ve put together the ten most frequently asked que...

16th May, 2018
How are embryos selected during IVF cycles?

In order to be able to ‘select’ an embryo – we need to first understand IVF, as this is the process ...

7th May, 2018
A checklist for planning a pregnancy

In terms of love, hope, time and effort, planning a pregnancy and raising children can be the greate...