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Flare is Australia’s first all-in-one HR and employee benefits platform designed to help you take care of all your employees’ needs.

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Blog Posts
25th May, 2020
How retail employers can prepare their staff for a safe return to work

The National Cabinet has anticipations of reopening Australia in July. This is good news for many, e...

18th May, 2020
A guide to all the best free resources for HR during COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, many businesses have stepped up to offer their support. Thanks to those com...

14th May, 2020
How to build an effective employee wellness program

It’s no surprise to see that employee wellness programs are on the rise. With absenteeism costing th...

14th April, 2020
8 Tips to help you and your team work from home successfully

Businesses all over Australia have implemented work from home policies to help stop the spread of CO...

1st April, 2020
Everything you need to know about Centrelink’s coronavirus supplements

Since the government lock down caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of businesses have been for...

17th March, 2020
Coronavirus: How HR leaders from Apple, Google and Nike are responding

The Coronavirus has continued to spread worldwide at alarming numbers. During this time of uncertain...

11th September, 2019
LinkedIn’s Top Startups: Growing the Team at Flare

We are so excited by this one…Linkedin has named Flare as one of the top startups to work for! It’s ...

29th August, 2019
How HR managers can shift from paperwork to people work

Human Resources management can be surprisingly labour-intensive. The amount of “process” can be ...

28th August, 2019
Choosing an HR Software System Your People Want to Use: The How-To

Choosing an HR software system comes with many of the same challenges as implementing any other new ...

21st August, 2019
How HR Managers Can Shift From Paperwork To People Work

Human Resources management can be surprisingly labour-intensive. The amount of “process” can be ...


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