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We’re reimagining work and money through HR software and financial products to help employees retire with more

We’re reimagining work and money through leading HR software for employers, and advanced financial and superannuation products to help employees retire with more. The journey begins with our core offering, Flare HR, Australia’s first onboarding, benefits and employee management platform, designed to eliminate manual HR admin, increase onboarding efficiency and improve employee retention. We want to help every company achieve their purpose, engage with their workforce and help their employees become financially well.

Senior Product Manager
Posted 3 days ago
Sales Development Representative
Sydney, Australia
Posted 1 months ago
Senior Software Engineer
Sydney, Australia
Posted 2 months ago
Member Experience Team Lead
Consumer Financial Services
Sydney, Australia
Posted 2 months ago
Contract Administrator
Finance & Compliance
Sydney, Australia
Posted 2 months ago
Senior Frontend Engineer (React Native)
Sydney, Australia
Posted 2 months ago
Full Stack Engineer
Sydney, Australia
Posted 3 months ago
Senior Product Designer
Sydney, Australia
Posted 3 months ago
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Sydney, Australia
Posted 9 months ago
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