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Powerful communication platform built for health

Our SaaS platform is changing the way doctors, nurses, and allied health connect, communicate and collaborate. We’re building a connected future for the Health industry. What is Foxo? If Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google’s G-suite merged into one easy to use health-specific platform, you’re halfway there. Foxo delivers powerful communication for healthcare teams, administrators, and organisations. Much more than secure messaging, the platform features clinical system integrations, patient-centric workflows, and collaboration tools designed to reduce administration, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve patient outcomes. Our focus has been to deliver a neutral platform which connects siloed software, healthcare teams, departments, and organisations across an open network of users in real-time.

Blog Posts
16th November, 2020
The administrative burden on doctors: what’s it costing your organisation?

Doctor burnout is real and is closely correlated with the administrative burden of the health practi...

9th November, 2020
Foxo Secures $1.5 mil to Drive Secure Communication Across Healthcare

Foxo Secures $1.5 million (AUD) to grow operations, formalise commercialisation, and plan for market...

29th April, 2020
Email in Healthcare – Practical and Privacy Considerations

An overview of the risks and issues when using email for health-related communications. The post Ema...

3rd January, 2020
6 tell-tale signs your organisation needs a collaborative health messaging platform

Unsecured texting of clinical images, poor clinical handover methods, use of email for clinical info...

18th November, 2019
Notifiable data breaches – what Australian health professionals need to know

A quick update on the new Notifiable Data Breach Legislation and its implications for Australian hea...

31st October, 2019
What’s up with WhatsApp for healthcare messaging?

An overview of why Whatsapp doesn't cut it as a health messaging app. We take a deep dive into some ...

31st October, 2019
The Silent Killer: Clinical Handover

A deep dive into the current issues of clinical handover and how you can actively decrease patient e...