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Frontier Microscopy

Frontier Microscopy is an award winning company with a professional, multi-disciplinary team and backed by an experienced group of investors and mentors. Established in early 2016, Frontier Microscopy is a commercial enterprise pioneering innovative solutions which utilise advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, with a focus on the development and commercialisation of automated microscope analysis systems. We are on a mission to disrupt the multi-billion dollar microscopy industry by providing a breakthrough platform and marketplace to enable the automation of any microscope analysis. Our team & local partners of relevant industries work purposefully to create visionary yet practical solutions that meet and surpass client expectations. We are a triple bottom line business – working diligently on improving environmental sustainability and the community we serve as well as achieving our own organisational goals. We are an ethical business that will not take short cuts or put our community at risk. Our overall mission is to provide automated microscopy to accelerate scientific discovery across all industries, including environmental services, medicine, and academia. In medical research and environmental monitoring, we want to provide accessible, affordable platforms to test samples anywhere in the world without requiring a year or more of training to do so. It is only when you democratise technologies that you can genuinely make the world a better place for everyone. Mission: Provide automated robotic microscopy to accelerate discovery. Vision: Be the go-to authority in automated robotic microscopy, developing innovative solutions and capabilities, to the benefit of society.


Southstart Accelerate

2017 (Melbourne)


Taken on 2017-10
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