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gameSense Sports

An interactive HD video-based player sports training platform helping both coaches and athletes

gameSense Sports, gS™, is the authority on sports decision-making. We use validated techniques to make the most effective and efficient products on the market today at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is not to replicate the game experience but rather to accelerate “thinking without thinking” and fluid sports performance. We have designed, produced and tested digitized products based on methods developed in sport science laboratories. We can test and improve sports decision-making for professional, collegiate and youth athletes. You can become a better athlete using your computer, phone or tablet. gS™ incorporates the latest advances in cognitive science, expertise training and computer technology to identify, measure and train the skills integral to sports experts. Our techniques focus on early pattern recognition and long-term working memory that research shows is a critical advantage of expert performers. You do not swing a bat or throw a pass. gS™ uses cognitive science to understand how we see sport patterns, learn them and then act upon them. Decision-making is an untapped aspect of sport performance but scientists have been exploring it for decades. We have worked with some the world’s most elite organizations and athletes, as well as developing athletes with the desire to improve their game. gS™ can help teach anyone how to make better decisions on the field, pitch, court or ice.

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2020 (Melbourne)