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LegalVision Australia

LegalVision is a commercial law firm with a commitment to innovation. Named APAC's Fastest Growing Law Firm (Fin. Times)

LegalVision is a market disruptor in the commercial legal services industry. Our innovative business model and custom-built technology assist our lawyers to provide a faster, better quality and more cost-effective client experience. LegalVision is a leader in delivering legal services in Australia and has assisted more than 150,000 businesses. The firm was awarded NewLaw Firm of the Year at the Australian Law Awards and was named Fastest Growing Law Firm in APAC by the Financial Times.

Senior Legal Project Manager (Sales Trainer and Coach)
Growth, Full Time
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Posted 2 days ago
Lawyer | 2-4 PAE | Regulatory & Compliance
Legal, Full Time
Sydney, Australia
Posted 1 months ago
Senior Lawyer / Practice Leader | Disputes & Litigation
Legal, Full Time
Sydney, Australia
Posted 1 months ago
Expression of Interest: Patent Attorney
Legal, Full Time
Sydney, Australia
Posted 2 months ago
Lawyer | 4-6 PAE | Employment
Legal, Full Time
Sydney, Australia
Posted 3 months ago
Senior Lawyer | Tax
Legal, Full Time
Sydney, Australia
Posted 1 years ago
Expression of Interest: Legal Team | 2+ PAE Lawyers | All Practice Areas
Legal, Full Time
Sydney, Australia
Posted 1 years ago

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Taken on 2020-09
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