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Customer experience technology for hospitality, tourism & retail businesses to access realtime insight & drive loyalty.

At Local Measure we are passionate about helping businesses uncover new insights about onsite customers and visitors. Our location-based customer intelligence platform acts as a finger on the pulse of what is happening on the ground in real-time, transforming the way that companies understand and engage with visitors at their physical venues in the digital realm.



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Blog Posts
1st July, 2018
Capturing Real-Time Guest Feedback and Service Recovery

Most hotel managers look at post-stay reviews and survey feedback as a source of truth on how frontl...

25th June, 2018
Mapping the Emotional Customer Journey

Nearly every  leading consumer brand has reached their position by offering more than simply the pr...

18th June, 2018
A Real-Time Customer Feedback Tool Bridging The Online And Offline Experience

The facts are startling. Most unhappy guests won’t complain while they’re still on site, so you ...

14th June, 2018
The Luxury Hotel Industry Decoded

Over the course of his career, Laurent Delporte has visited over 400 4-star and 5-star hotels around...

3rd June, 2018
6 Times to Ask for Feedback During a Hotel Stay

There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and as many moments in every 24-hour stay a customer has at your ...

28th May, 2018
Why It’s Time to Re-Examine Your Instagram Handle Strategy

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012, we have seen Instagram continue to develop, lau...

20th May, 2018
Providing Sales and CRM Teams with the Context of Location

For most sales teams, the CRM platform is their source of truth for all customer related information...

15th May, 2018
The Customer-Centric Guide to Customer Feedback

There has never been a time when customer feedback didn’t matter, but we are now in an era where c...

7th May, 2018
How to Action the Voice of Customer

Investing in the customer experience is proven time and again to be foundational to any business’ ...

29th April, 2018
7 Things You Should Know About Customer Satisfaction Surveys

No longer is feedback something that is penciled-in quietly on a postcard and then forgotten. Custom...