Continuous Condition Monitoring for Industrial Equipment

Preserving the Earth’s resources by improving the efficiency and life of industrial assets. In the last 30 years our planet has experience exponential population growth, we have grown 2.5 times, from 3B to 7.5B. Mankind has established the conditions to not only enable us to survive but thrive. We have now entered the ‘anthropocene’, an age where mankind is the most dominant force on earth. However, this growth has come at a price, our natural environment is suffering. Four key industries are affected by this growth, water, food, energy, and mining. These industries share a common thread, they all rely on machines. We believe that by transforming machines across their lifecycle we can dramatically improve these industries for the benefit of the planet. As consumers, we have seen a dramatic explosion of technology that has touched all areas of our lives. Consumer technology businesses now represent the worlds largest corporations. We believe that machines need to undergo a similar transition. Machine technology has remained unchanged for decades. MOVUS is transforming dumb machines into ‘smarter machines’. Our technology will enable this on a global level through our consumer styled simplicity combined with world class artificial intelligence. We believe there is no time to waste. Our first product on our journey to achieve our Vision and Mission is the FitMachine® - the all-in-one machine monitoring solution. The FitMachine is deployed via a Machine-Monitoring-as-a-Service commercial model, linking via the Industrial Internet of Things to allow our machine learning algorithms to establish a baseline of the equipment condition and then monitor this condition 24/7. Omnichannel access to alerts and performance panels is provided.


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Aequora Capital


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Skip Capital


Telstra Ventures


KPMG Energise


University of Queensland iLab

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