Oz Sonotek

Medical technologies designed to manage ultrasound energy during cataract surgery
Oz Sonotek

Oz Sonotek is an Australian-incorporated developer of innovative medical technologies designed to better manage ultrasound energy during cataract surgery (phaco-emulsification). The company was founded by Dr Nigel Morlet, eye surgeon and researcher, who has successfully designed and commercialized previous ophthalmic devices, and who has published widely in journals such as New England Journal of Medicine. He has engaged an experienced leadership team that have a successful track record. They are experienced in research, development, commercialization, regulatory, IP protection, sales, distribution, and crafting revenue licensing partnerships with major players. Our principal research themes involve design and test of more efficient needle tips for phacoemulsification, which will be followed by next generation ultrasonic hand-pieces and energy management software improvements. The first product will shortly be introduced into global cataract surgery markets, with highly pedigreed partners.


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