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Deliver your best customer experience yet

Pendula enables two-way communication via SMS, email, instant messenger, fax and post directly from Salesforce or Zuora. Automate everyday conversations with your customers across any channel, keeping them happy and engaged at a fraction of the cost. Build loyalty through engagement and deliver your best customer experience yet.

Growth Strategist
Posted 20 days ago

Equity Venture Partners

Taken on 2020-06
Blog Posts
18th September, 2020
OVO leverages Pendula for delivering personalised communication to customers, reducing churn and lowering their cost-to-serve

57% 2.1% 10-15% to 60% churn reduction reduction in total operational costs monthly active users OVO...

18th September, 2020
Bestchance processes more enrolments and streamlines support services with two-way automation

10 automated workflows 80% increase 5000 families automated processing manual administrative tasks o...

12th December, 2019
Pendula ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in Asia Pacific by Deloitte

We're excited to announce that Pendula has been ranked as the 64th fastest-growing technology compan...

1st November, 2019
Welcome Dean & Angel

We have two more superstars in our Sydney crew! A very warm welcome to Dean and Angel. Dean Moon Dea...

15th October, 2019
It’s Time to Become Customer Obsessed

This is why you need to be ‘Customer-Obsessed’ When you hear the phrase ‘Customer-Obsessed’, you cou...

26th September, 2019
Pendula goes to CampJS

Our very own Julian Scharf breaks down some of the highlights of the Pendula engineering team’s week...

11th September, 2019
You’ve got to walk before you run: This is why doing the simple things well rocks

In today’s hyper-connected world, customers not only expect businesses to communicate on-demand, the...

26th August, 2019
Farm, don’t hunt: what our own research tells us about a successful cross-sell and upsell strategy

It’s the start of the year, and you’re looking to set your revenue strategy for the next 12 months. ...

14th August, 2019
Welcome Alina!

A warm welcome to Alina Guziy, who joins our engineering team in Sydney. Alina comes to us from a va...

7th August, 2019
This is why 78% of customers would rather you gave them options for customer service

Just 14% of phone calls to customer service are answered without the customer waiting on hold. That’...