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POP is a fintech company on a mission to enable Australians with the right advice and engaging financial services.

POP is aimed at revolutionising the Australian financial landscape. POP will modernise the accounting industry by moving towards a complete online accounting service that prepares compliance and advisory for individuals and companies. POP is tackling the issues of complexity, affordability, convenience, and engagement between Australians and financial services by providing Australia's best tax and accounting service - Fast, Easy, Affordable and Engaging. We believe that Australians shouldn’t have to waste time, money, or effort using an outdated and inefficient system or seeing their “unhelpful” accountant once a year. That's why we created POP to deliver tools that empower you, educate you, and keep you interested.

Senior Business Services Accountant
Posted 27 days ago
Taken on 2020-08
Blog Posts
9th July, 2019
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14th June, 2019
Questions on Personal Details

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13th June, 2019
Family, Health & Other Section

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13th June, 2019
Am I an Australian Tax Resident or a Foreign Tax Resident?

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13th June, 2019
Income and Deductions Summary

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3rd March, 2019
8 Things Students can Claim….

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22nd January, 2019
Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

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