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Precision Autonomy

Accelerating the world's safe adoption of autonomous services.

Our usage-based data intelligence platform puts UAV flight assurance in your hands. We co-designed our platform with insurers and drone operators to deliver drone deployment, asset management, and pay-per-minute insurance through one intelligent system. From the web app, operators can effortlessly create missions, add pilots, and manage UAVs or payload. Pilots connect to approved missions with one tap on our in-field iOS app. Our asset manager integrates with any drone or payload type so operators are free to fly with any of their preferred equipment. Every flight adds to your flight history record - our patented ratings engine algorithm then considers over 400 factors in pilot flight performance to create bespoke star ratings. As your safe flight record grows, you may be eligible for future rewards. Our drone deployment system enables pay.per.cover, our pay-per-minute insurance offer. Insure any drone, pilot, or payload and pay only when you are flying. In the event of an incident, submit automated incident reports to your pay.per.cover provider with our simple Click to Claim feature. So, whether you’re a drone operator, an enterprise, an insurer or part of the commercial drone ecosystem – our software delivers the data intelligence you need to operate confidently. Fly with peace of mind with Precision Autonomy.


Perth Angels

Taken on 2020-09