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Qsic is the world’s only commercial music streaming service with built-in AI to positively influence your customers’ mood, mindset and behaviours

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Blog Posts
18th February, 2019
Creating the perfect in-store experience

By Annie Konieczny Most of us have been to a high-street clothing store during a January sale where ...

13th February, 2019
The most velvety ballads ever made

By Annie Konieczny On the blog today, a guest post from none other than Qsic’s Head of Content, Todd...

31st January, 2019
Qsic’s stars in the making 2019

By Annie Konieczny Here at Qsic, we’re excited for some special announcements in 2019 all of which w...

13th December, 2018
The Christmas Outsiders

By Annie Konieczny Some facts are ubiquitous: death comes for us all, it’s impossible to sneeze with...

10th December, 2018
DJs and lead guitarists are turning to music curation – we asked them, why?

DJs and lead guitarists are turning to music curation – we asked them, why? By Annie Konieczny Aside...

27th November, 2018
Qsic’s game-changing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In its early guise, Qsic were capitalising on a simple problem that many businesses didn’t know they...

31st October, 2018
Qsic offer solution to hairy music-licensing problem

What is now an industry-leading automated and intelligent audio system was, in the beginning, someth...

11th June, 2015
Enhance your food with a side of sonic seasoning

Have you ever sat in a French cafe and noticed the accordion-driven musique Française, or heard a sa...

4th June, 2015
Normalisation: fighting the loudness war

There’s a myth that louder music sounds better. And for some people and genres it’s quite possibly t...

4th June, 2015
2015 Federal Budget – Snapshot

With the second release of the Federal Budget, people are scrambling online to find out who the real...

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