Relectrify unites second-life batteries with advanced control technology

Retired electric car batteries retain tremendous performance and lifetime. These batteries are a great fit for storing solar energy or providing power back-up. Relectrify enables and facilitates the transition of batteries into a second life in household energy storage and beyond. This creates energy storage solutions that are capable, sustainable and affordable.


Melbourne Accelerator Program

Taken on 2017-07
Blog Posts
6th December, 2018
4R Energy and Relectrify collaborate in second-life battery storage products

4R Energy Corporation , a subsidiary of Nissan Motor and Sumitomo and leader in second-life batterie...

12th April, 2018
Relectrify joins global power utility program Free Electrons

In recent months, the Relectrify team has made pronounced progress in scaling its battery life-exten...

19th October, 2017
VW Group selects Relectrify as a global startup collaborator

With a target of 2-3 million electric cars sold annually by 2025, and a recently announced plan to o...

3rd October, 2017
Relectrify closes $1.5m Pre-A Raising including from CEFC

Relectrify is pleased to announce it has closed its $1.5 million pre-Series A equity raising from th...

27th September, 2017
PowerTrak 12V battery launches enabled by Relectrify technology; featured in ReNew

Electrical solutions company Setec has launched the PowerTrak, a commercially-available battery syst...

1st July, 2017
Hong Kong Hosts Second-Life Battery Industry Panel

In view of swiftly growing numbers of electric vehicles on the road, the Environment Bureau of Hong ...

2nd March, 2017
Relectrify presents at CEFC Investment Demo Day

Relectrify has been selected as one of seven leading Australian clean technology companies to presen...

1st December, 2016
Partnership with Selectronic Australia is awarded $250k Vic Govt grant

A partnership project between inverter company Selectronic Australia and Relectrify has been awarded...

20th October, 2016
Relectrify selected as science-based innovator, presents at Falling Walls

Germany's Falling Walls Conference was established in 2009 to bring together the brightest thinkers ...

17th April, 2016
John Clifford joins Relectrify as investor and non-executive director

We are pleased to announce that John Clifford has joined Relectrify as an investor and non-executive...