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We help small business get their customers back, get their brand value back that is rightfully theirs from third party channels. We do that by giving them with what they need - A Mobile App with a printer, that challenges the absolute best App in the world for no commission. No kidding.

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Posted 1 months ago

Skalata Ventures

Taken on 2020-06
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5th August, 2020
Unicorn in the room 🦄

In the words of Seth Godin,

4th August, 2020
Attachment: something.VALUE

Today I received an email from a stranger on LinkedIn, and I have attached the screenshot above. You...

30th July, 2020
Vision & Mission

Sometimes, it's critical to keep asking some basic questions over and over, and reiterate on the cor...

27th July, 2020
5 things restaurants must consider before choosing an online ordering system

Needless to say there are a tonne of online ordering solutions out there. So the key question is how...

24th July, 2020
Placing a high value on founder's time

One of the most common mistakes founders do when they initially start a company is that, they place ...

22nd July, 2020
Will customers really download your restaurant's mobile app?

One of the most frequently asked questions by restaurant owners is, “Will people actually download m...

21st July, 2020
Apple Pay/Google Pay leads the way for online orders

One of the key components of online ordering systems is payments and we all know that most people li...

16th July, 2020
Sophisticated Payment Settings for Restaurant's Online Orders

With our latest release, we updated the payment settings for the restaurant to be much more sophisti...