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Rome2rio is a multimodal transport search engine that launched in April 2011. Rome2rio's platform is capable of long-distance (inter-city) trip planning as well as local (intra-city) journey planning. Users can input any address, town or landmark as the origin and destination and Rome2rio searches a database of flight, train, ferry, bus and driving routes to present route and price options for travelling to that destination.

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Blog Posts
25th September, 2020
Rome2rio Joins World Tourism Day Celebrations

World Tourism Day 2020, celebrated on September 27th, is themed the Year of Tourism and Rural Develo...

2nd August, 2020
How Rome2rio is helping users travel safe during COVID

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a major shift in day to day operations for the Travel and Trans...

9th April, 2020
Yesh joins Rome2rio as Chief Executive Officer

A challenging time demands strong, considered leadership. As the travel industry faces unprecedented...

19th December, 2019
How routing works: 4 simple algorithms

Take a peek at the algorithms that drive Rome2rio. This article was co-written by Rome2rio and our n...

2nd December, 2019
Rome2rio Offsite 2019: The importance of stopping and looking up

We at Rome2rio had an opportunity last week to take time out of our week, head away from the office,...

31st October, 2019
Rome2rio joins forces with Omio

We are excited to announce that Rome2rio has been acquired by Omio, the Berlin-based travel booking ...

20th September, 2019
Craig Penfold joins Rome2rio as Chief Technology Officer

Exciting news at Rome2rio HQ: we recently recruited Craig Penfold as our Chief Technology Officer. C...

17th July, 2019
What is Engineering X?

One of the many exciting initiatives currently underway on at Rome2rio is the mysterious-sounding En...

10th July, 2019
One good deed…

Last month, Rome2rio’s Social Club (those fine purveyors of food and frivolities) upped their game...

15th May, 2019
Booking tickets on Rome2rio: Where we’re at

We’ll always be a travel planning site, but we’ve recently made an exciting move into the world ...