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Premium dog food made with quality ingredients delivered fresh on subscription

Mike and Doug are two little guys taking on the big guys. Mike is ex-fashun and decided he wanted to do something to better the world. Doug is ex-big pet food, but knew he wanted to change it. So far, not a lot in common. But they both love dogs. And they hate that Australians were getting charged mega bucks for dry dog food that was pretty average. Ground up dodgy meat, cheap ingredients, heavy bags, little transparency and 80% of it being headed up by two massive chocolate companies. Not on. They decided, they were going to fix it once and for all. From the supply chain right down to how it’s delivered. Their mission? To offer you a new breed of Australian made dog food. One that’s good for your dog, better for the planet, and easier for you.

Supply Chain and Planning Manager
Posted 25 days ago

Melbourne Accelerator Program

Taken on 2020-04
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