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Helping companies protect their workplace and people

Sine makes it easy to manage visitors, contractors, staff, deliveries and assets across your workplace. Schools, councils, offices, retail, industrial and mining facilities are using Sine to check-in visitors, contractors, staff, students and couriers quickly and securely. Sine works across the web, iPad and free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Mobile check-in is possible at every-day facilities using your phone to check-in and out of sites quickly. Integrations are easy to set up with Outlook, access control, induction systems and any other building management systems. You can start a free trial for your business at https://sine.co.

Test Automation Engineer
Quality Assurance, Full-time
Adelaide, South Australia
Posted 3 days ago
People Advisor
People, Full-time
Posted 12 days ago
Software Engineer (Integrations)
Software Engineering, Full-time
Adelaide, South Australia
Posted 6 months ago
Android Engineer
Software Engineering, Full-time
Adelaide, South Australia
Posted 1 years ago
Business Development Manager
Sales, Full-time
Adelaide, SA
Posted 1 years ago
Full Stack Javascript Engineer
Software Engineering, Full-time
Adelaide, SA
Posted 1 years ago

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