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Taken on 2020-12
Blog Posts
19th July, 2024
Retail Is Detail

There’s no area of the market where you’d say stock picking was ‘easy’, but some sectors tend to off...

12th July, 2024
Beyond Fundamentals

Here’s a controversial take: to score the really big wins on the share market, you should disregard ...

4th July, 2024
A Variant Perception

An unpopular perspective is an almost unavoidable requirement if you’re hoping to find a multi-bagge...

27th June, 2024
A Business Unclear

I was fortunate enough to join Luke Winchester (aka Wini) from Merewether Capital on Ausbiz last wee...

20th June, 2024
Advantage Federer: Investing Wisdom From a Tennis Great

Tennis legend Roger Federer recently delivered the commencement address at Dartmouth university, and...

14th June, 2024
Investing and Luck

We all like to attribute our winners to our foresight and cunning. The losers? Well, they were the r...

6th June, 2024
Watching For Red Flags

Many hard problems are best solved when they are addressed backwards. Munger called this inversion, ...

31st May, 2024
Network Effects: Why They Matter

. Businesses that enjoy network effects tend to have a much greater capacity to deliver outsized ret...

24th May, 2024
Simple Beats Complex

Strawman member Edgescape kicked off a good conversion on Friday, suggesting Occam’s Razor — the ide...

17th May, 2024
Berkshire AGM: 2024

Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK) recently held its 2024 shareholder meeting, or if you prefer, Woodstoc...

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