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Tali creates game based programs designed to improve attention in children

We are a tech company pioneering development of software solutions to address neurological conditions in early childhood. Backed by over 25 years of research, the Tali platform is a scientific and clinically validated digital screening and treatment program that addresses the world’s leading early childhood issue—attention difficulties, a key feature in conditions including ADHD and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Our team of neuroscientists, developers, designers and all-round talented individuals are on a mission to strengthen the attention of children globally to deliver a lasting social impact. At Tali, happier kids start here.

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Blog Posts
11th May, 2020
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22nd April, 2020
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6th April, 2020
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24th March, 2020
Handling kids while working from home

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17th March, 2020
Helping kids cope with the COVID-19 epidemic

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9th March, 2020
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5th March, 2020
Teaching children good technology habits

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17th February, 2020
TALi TRAIN case study: Amy and Josh

“As mother to a child with ASD (Autism), the challenges have been enormous and mentally exhausting...

13th February, 2020
An attention problem is not just ADHD

If someone mentions a child has a problem with attention, most people’s thoughts turn to Attention...