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We improve the financial wellbeing of business owners. Our marketplace connects growing businesses directly with investors to improve cash flow and we work with corporates to offer early payment to their suppliers. We enable businesses to receive early payment from their customers with funding from wholesale investors including family offices, institutions, SMSFs, high net worth individuals and the Timelio Capital Fund. Investors gain access to a new asset class offering diversified returns.




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Blog Posts
16th April, 2021
Why Cash is King

Cash flow, revenue and profit are important metrics to determine the success of your business, but t...

8th February, 2021
Invoice Finance Vs Trade Finance: What you need to know

One of the most important factors of a successful business is cash flow management. We breakdown a s...

26th November, 2020
3 tips to thrive during the holiday trading season

The Christmas period is crucial for many businesses with sales growth presenting challenges in manag...

19th November, 2020
Introducing the Payment Times Reporting Scheme

Payment terms to small business have become a contentious point and grabbed the attention of Parliam...

21st July, 2020
5 Cash Flow Strategies for this Financial Year

It’s been well documented that effective cash flow strategies are the lifeline of any business and w...

2nd July, 2020
The New Financial Year – What it means for your SME

It’s the new financial year and many businesses across Australia have had their challenges. Last yea...

31st May, 2020
Supporting Australian Businesses

With tensions between economies during COVID-19, supply chains across the Asia Pacific region are su...

21st May, 2020
Business Agility: Surviving Uncertainty

Anticipating, preparing, and responding to unforeseen events, such as COVID-19, is a strategy must f...

13th May, 2020
Australia’s JobKeeper Payments: FAQ’s

The Australian Government JobKeeper Payments are a lifeline for many businesses across many industri...

28th April, 2020
Rent Relief for Australian Businesses

For businesses impacted by COVID-19, auditing all business expenses is imperative to not only surviv...

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