TOMbag is on a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with our sustainable and reusable alternatives.

TOMbag is an Australian social enterprise on a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with our sustainable and reusable alternatives. Designed from the ground up, we have created the world's first reusable garbage bag – it’s sustainable and simply looks awesome! A reusable garbage bag to replace single-use plastic bin liners at home and work. TOMbag reusable bin liners are 60cm x 70cm designed to fit most kitchen tidy bins and can be used for both your general waste bin and mixed recycling bin. Made from recycled PET bottles, TOMbag reusable garbage bags are reusable, waterproof, washable and durable. Our vision is to become a meaningful contributor to the reversal of climate change. For every TOMbag reusable garbage bag we sell, we will plant a tree in Australia. We believe small changes by many is the true catalyst for changing the world - for good.


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