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TRIBE: Premium content with unprecedented scale at unparalleled speed and at a fraction of the cost. TRIBE is a self-serve marketplace connecting social media influencers with leading brands to create powerful 1:1 campaigns that engage audiences difficult to reach. With authentic advocacy at its core, 'Citizen Influencers'​ who've built fans around a particular passion or expertise, get paid to craft sponsored posts recommending products they already use and love. Since launching in Nov 2015, the award-winning tech platform has experienced phenomenal growth. In just a short time, TRIBE already connects 50,000+ influencers with 3500+ brands and agencies, including Disney, Jeep, AMEX, Subway, Converse, Vodafone, Domino’s Pizza and more. Brands simply need to upload a brief on TRIBE to receive content crafted by influencers, celebrating their products.


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