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Umps Health

We enable a smarter kind of care for older people, so they can enjoy a better way of living.

Umps Health empowers older people to live safely and independently at home while giving peace of mind to their families. Our non-intrusive wellbeing detection system identifies when a person may need some assistance, and quickly alerts their family or carer – without compromising their privacy.

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Melbourne Accelerator Program



Taken on 2020-08
Blog Posts
3rd March, 2020
How will artificial intelligence support care in the home?

The emergence of more powerful computers, near-ubiquitous mobile broadband and cloud computing has c...

3rd March, 2020
Caring for ageing parents: flexible work and technology innovation

Sarah Goss, Head of Innovation at Ericsson Australia & New Zealand, Founding Director of Umps Health...

3rd March, 2020
Dreamstarter Campaign Launch

Today is the day – our crowdfunding campaign has just gone live! In partnership with Carers Austra...

3rd March, 2020
Workplace gender equality: The problems to fix are in our heads

Sarah Goss, Head of Innovation at Ericsson Australia & New Zealand, Founding Director of Umps Health...

3rd March, 2020
How to make sure your thermostat doesn’t attack your toaster: Security in the Internet of Things

After a slow start, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the home are experiencing a surge in popu...

3rd March, 2020
Applying design principles to end-of-life care: Could you design One Good Death?

Meet Norman. Norman is 89 years old, and has lived in the same house for 50 years. Norman’s daught...

26th February, 2020
Using Umps on the washing machine to get insights about a person’s independence

Umps is designed to be flexible. People can put smart plugs on any appliance, which means that older...

26th February, 2020
Umps now delivers alerts when air pollution rises to unhealthy levels.

In January, as a result of widespread fires, the air quality in many Australian cities and towns was...

26th February, 2020
Umps Heath applies our innovative technology to support people with disabilities.

In March, we received the exciting news that Umps Health was accepted into the Remarkable Accelerato...

26th February, 2020
Exploring machine learning in the cloud with AWS

The Home Hub manages all of the Smart Plugs and connects over the mobile network using a SIM card, a...