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Vayeron is an OEM technology company based in Mackay, QLD Australia. We are focused on providing intelligent solutions to industrial productivity challenges. We create solutions which are ground breaking and apply the Industrial Internet of Things in ways people never thought possible. Our flagship product is our Smart-Idler™ Technology. An online conveyor condition monitoring and prognostics system for high capacity critical belt conveyors. Smart-Idler® is for improvement teams focussing on unlocking unrealised latent capacity in bulk handling operations, who are not getting what they need from manual conveyor inspection methods or other autonomous monitoring methods. Smart-Idler® is a conveyor roller sub-component that embeds intelligence into ordinary conveyor rollers from your chosen brand and monitors for end-of-life, predicting failure in advance and communicating back-to-base over radio for maintenance reporting. Unlike vibration transducers or fibre optics, Smart-Idler® monitors all failure modes of a roller from within the roller itself and provides greater insights into the overall operation of the conveyor system. Smart-Idler® is supported by an expanding network of integrated conveyor roller manufacturers, system integrators and on-site accredited installers. Smart-Idler™ will: -Reduce Conveyor System Downtime -Reduce Conveyor Maintenance -Increase safety


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Taken on 2020-09