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Veilability… wedding venue search made easy Veilability is a next-gen tech start-up in the wedding space which delivers compelling value for both brides and venues. We have been fortunate to have some of the best brains in the business working on the setup of Veilability, its user experience and creating solid business and growth models. This includes individuals who have worked at high-levels for brands such as Wotif, Accor, PayPal, the new MySpace and Google. Veilability is the destination of choice for wedding couples searching for their perfect wedding reception venue. No longer do brides have to experience the time-consuming and frustrating process of manually searching for and short-listing suitable venues, or to settle for less than their dream venue. At Veilability, brides are able to search and compare hundreds of local reception venues by feature, budget and availability and discover a handful of perfect venues for them and their wedding. Veilability makes the experience of finding and booking a wedding reception venue easy, convenient and fun. Veilability also delivers significant value for our wedding venues that traditionally have very high costs for marketing their function rooms, managing adhoc inquiries and converting inquiries to wedding bookings. We have introduced a unique no-risk cost model for venues in order to align the interests of all parties to delivering a superior value proposition to brides and venues.


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Taken on 2021-01