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A new style of skills-based remote volunteering

Vollie unlocks a new style of skills-based remote volunteering. Our projects are exclusively online, meaning that volunteers can donate their skills and experience from anywhere in the world, at any time. Users are able to find projects aligned with their skills and passions within a matter of seconds, and the application process is as simple as logging in via LinkedIn. You can utilise our technology to quickly identify causes that you are passionate about and that suit your skills, and complete this work on your time and at your convenience. The benefit is that you will gain professional experience that can give you better job outcomes, all while changing the world! All projects completed on Vollie can be immediately added to your LinkedIn profile. There is also the feel good factor of knowing that you are using your skills to make an impact on the life-changing work that NFP's do.

Taken on 2019-08
Blog Posts
29th August, 2019
Vollie Spotlight: David Tea

If it was possible to be a professional Vollie, Tea would be one. Having completed projects with NFP...

14th March, 2019
Combatting government funding cuts and building your own NFP Social Enterprise

In a market fuelled by “experiences” rather than goods and services, brands are diversifying their o...

5th November, 2018
Personalisation in Corporate Volunteering

The on-demand tech revolution has a particularly obvious underlying theme, and that’s personalisatio...

31st October, 2018
Prepping for Christmas with Vollie

Come December, families are thinking they should give back more, and so are businesses – it means th...

29th August, 2018
How to recruit an online army of 20,000 volunteers for your cause

Last night, Vollie joined Chuffed.org CEO Prashan Paramanathan and Sandy McDonald from Knit-a-Square...

11th August, 2018
How this NFP is changing the game for people of all ages

Lively is the quintessential example of innovation that can change the face of non-profits in 2018. ...

25th July, 2018
5 new revenue streams for your charity

When the times get tough, the tough get creative. Establishing a more stable and consistent revenue ...

5th June, 2018
5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make a Positive Impact

1. Ditch the straw We all love to sip on a summer cocktail now and then, or maybe a fresh juice with...

5th June, 2018
We all have the skills to volunteer – Volunteer Profile on James

Volunteering doesn’t have to be an enormous commitment. Sometimes, the hobbies you might enjoy in yo...

8th January, 2018
Volunteering and the Gig Economy

I have worked in the NGO space for the best part of a decade, and it has transformed my perspective ...


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