Senior Software Engineer (Web) - May23 at Abyss Solutions

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Posted 1 years ago

About Abyss

Help us build the future

We are building intelligence to drive all unmanned systems of the future. Join our skilled team of people from all walks of life collaborating across robotics, AI, software, product and design to solve interesting and meaningful problems with cutting-edge technology.

The role

This role is for a senior position in a team that builds the Abyss’ flagship product - a web app that allows customers to monitor and maintain their infrastructure assets by helping them prioritise issues and allowing them to virtually inspect their assets. 

This involves being engaged in the development of software as well as taking responsibility for providing guidance on best practices in software design, quality, architecture and development process. As part of a team building customer-facing products, you will also collaborate with product and design colleagues as they help us understand the customers and their goals to ensure that we are building the right thing. 

Your main role would be to contribute to the design, development and maintenance of a web application across the stack but with a particular focus on the frontend, as well as coaching your team on best practices and guiding them towards the development of our cutting-edge products.

Skills and requirements

  • Good understanding of general web development concepts
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and React
  • Experience working within a team to build web applications end-to-end 
  • Proficient communication and analytical skills
  • Robust software design and architecture skills
  • Solid understanding of Agile values and principles
  • Experience in providing coaching and guidance to other team members
  • Ability to influence and drive technical changes that affect a whole team or multiple teams

Highly desirable

  • Proficiency in TypeScript
  • Basic understanding of 3D computer graphics concepts
  • Experience with three.js
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with MongoDB

What’s in it for you

  • Flexible work arrangements - each team decides what works for them from location to hours and we will support you with your remote work setup
  • Be empowered to get your work done through a lightweight Agile approach, access to end customers and ability to drive decisions around technology use
  • Culture of innovation, continuous learning and improvement for the products we build as well as team and company-wide processes
  • Quarterly hackathons where groups form to come up with ideas and test solutions for difficult or interesting problems
  • Work closely with industry leaders working on problems without existing solutions
  • Opportunity to transition into other technical specialties within the company
  • Opportunity to work at or travel between our various office locations

Future thank you note (what success looks like)

Hi New Abyss Team Member,

We’re so happy you joined us!

Thank you for jumping in and getting to know our codebase and helping us improve it. We pride ourselves on simple, readable code and your suggestions and contributions to our coding guidelines helped us refine that further! 

We appreciate how you took the lead on [automated test strategy / 3D+React code refactoring / analytics / state management options / web dev interest group] 1 - the way you confirmed the key considerations and collaborated with the team to come up with a recommendation really helped us plan it out and get the groundwork implemented.

You also did a great job coaching team members when needed. We loved how you were able to guide others’ learning through working with them on implementing product features based on our coding guidelines and your expertise with the tech stack, troubleshooting tricky issues and collaborating on technical design - and all this in whichever way was most helpful based on their skill level. Your ability to figure out the appropriate tasks to delegate to others and the balance between the amount of guidance vs independence they need really helped our team skill up.

The tech lead in particular really appreciates how you worked closely with them and the product designer to help us design and plan what we build. Given a business initiative and particular prioritised user problems, you helped us ensure that we’ve considered as much as we can from a technical perspective so that we can plan for it. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed working with the team so far, excited to see what you do next! 

How To Apply

Please not that international applicants will NOT be considered!

However, if you have the required skills and are an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is entitled to work in Australia, we would love to hear from you by applying here: