Learning and Engagement Manager at Buildkite

People Operations Team, Full time, Australia full-time
Posted 4 months ago

Buildkite’s mission is to unblock every developer on the planet. And our CI/CD platform is used by the best engineering teams in the world, including Airbnb, Shopify, PagerDuty, and Lyft.

This role will be a champion and role model for the employee experience, designing and delivering a creative engagement and learning strategy in line with Buildkite’s Purpose, Values and Strategic Plan.  The Learning and Engagement Manager is responsible for creating and implementing training programs that align with the organisation’s goals and objectives.  A key aspect of the role is to collaborate with a range of business leaders to identify needs, develop innovative solutions and find creative ways to retain, develop and support all people.

A typical day as an L&E Manager at Buildkite might include:
Conducting needs assessments by collaborating with departments to identify learning needs and skills gaps within the organization.
Designing and implementing tailored learning programs, including onboarding, leadership and management training, product understanding and technical skills training.
Delivering engaging training sessions, workshops, and webinars, ensuring effective knowledge transfer and skill development.
Gathering feedback and continuously iterating on learning programs to enhance effectiveness and relevance.
Lead the creation of remote-friendly learning initiatives, utilizing innovative systems/software and virtual collaboration tools to facilitate seamless and impactful training experiences for remote employees
Evaluation and Reporting:
Establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) for training effectiveness
Analyse training data ne generate reports to measure the impact of learning initiatives
Culture Development:
Foster a positive organisational culture aligned with company values
Develop and implement initiatives to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction
Support the facilitation of Company All Hands (ABC’s in Buildkite lingo) and talks with employees across multiples timezones

This role suits you if you have:
Demonstrated experience designing creative engagement and experience strategies and utilising persona-centred design thinking to influence at an individual and organisational level.
Experience in developing and implementing successful internal communication strategies and campaigns.
Demonstrated experience in the creation and delivery of tailored learning programs end-to-end, including designing and generating content that is engaging and appropriate for a diverse audience.
Strong understanding of instructional design principles and adult learning theory
Experience designing and delivering robust L&D projects in a remote setting
High-quality communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and motivate across a diverse audience.
Ability to work collaboratively and build relationships across all levels of the organisation.
Proven ability to translate organisational objectives into contemporary engagement and learning strategies supporting people through change.
Relevant qualification or impactful experience in People and Culture, Learning & Development, Organizational Design, or related fields.
Previous experience in facilitation, group dynamics, or related roles is beneficial.