Senior Engineer - Growth at Buildkite

Growth Team, Full time, Australia engineering full-time
Posted 3 months ago

The Role

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to help us build and shape dev tools, to unblock every developer on the planet. You’ll be joining the Growth team, our mission is to build a best in class product-led growth machine that helps developers get started and fall in love with Buildkite. We do this by streamlining our signup and onboarding process, allowing developers to self-serve by surfacing relevant use-cases and examples, using generative AI for a tailored experience, building tools that help developers have a successful CI experience, and much more.

You'll also collaborate across Buildkite's product engineering teams, experiencing and helping on all aspects of how Buildkite delivers the best CI/CD experience to our customers.

On a typical day, you could be...

  • Shaping and pitching new features and experiments.
  • Pairing or working independently on an upcoming feature or fix.
  • Collaborating with team mates to come to a mutual understanding of what you're building.
  • Prioritising features as appropriate for the stage of the product.
  • Exercising pragmatism in technical decisions and implementation.
  • Providing feedback on pull requests or responding to feedback left for you.
  • Adding features on the backend of our Ruby on Rails (majestic) monolith, which embraces PostgreSQL for the database, and Rails HTML views, TypeScript, React, GraphQL and Relay for the frontend.
  • Working on features that sit at the intersection between marketing and product.
  • Building a deep understanding of various CI systems and the DevOps ecosystem.
  • Watching customer call recordings or joining in on customer research.
  • Jumping on video calls with your teammates to discuss and solve problems. Or just to say hi!
  • Skills and experience we like..

  • Love solving problems, through collaboration with your cross-functional team, creating experiments, analysing data, and building fit-for-purpose solutions with the end user front and centre of your mind.
  • Comfortable bouncing ideas around in FigJam sessions with your PM and designer, bringing new ideas into design critiques and prototyping engineering solutions.
  • Compelled to add that bit of sparkle and polish, happier when it's pixel perfect and when an interaction feels just right.
  • Experience working inside a product-led growth team and developing technology products.
  • Comfortable launching experimental features and taking an iterative approach to their development.
  • Confident in your knowledge of Ruby on Rails and the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Confident in your knowledge of TypeScript, React and the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Some experience with configuring modern CI platforms and modern dev tooling.
  • Some experience with relational databases at scale, particularly PostgreSQL.
  • Some experience with LLMs and generative AI.
  • Deeply understanding a problem and its potential solutions and tradeoffs, and being able to share this understanding with peers and create consensus
  • Believe in quality code, knowing how to balance your high standards with the problems you are solving and external constraints.
  • Strong communicator that values empathy and kindness when articulating your ideas and feelings when writing or speaking.
  • You know how to tackle critiquing others' code positively and productively, and receiving the same sort of feedback.
  • Comfortable working remotely, and sharing process that help you work remotely